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Plastic Surgery and Beyond

Let’s dive in and discover what lies beneath the surface when exploring potentially life-changing leaps with plastic surgery!

What should I bring to my pre-op appointment? All the Basics You Need to Know

The pre-op appointment is your one-to-one time with your plastic surgeon before surgery. For out-of-state patients, this may be the first time they see the doctor face-to-face. Anxiety can occur before your surgery, but meeting your surgeon can help alleviate that feeling. Together, you’ll set goals for a successful surgery and recovery process.

You will probably have many questions and concerns to share with your doctor that day, so heading into your pre-op appointment is an exciting and stressful time. With so many details to consider before taking the plunge, ensuring you are adequately prepared and informed is critical. To make this process as smooth as possible, we have compiled a list of what to remember.

Medical History

Your plastic surgeon is meeting you for the first time. Use this time to be transparent with your surgeon to ensure safety. Honesty will allow your surgeon to determine your best course of action. Your medical history should entail any current or previous medical problems.

Current medication(s) and allergies

At pre-op, let your surgeon know a list of all the medications and vitamins that you are taking, including the dosages and frequency. That will prevent delays in post-op care medication because your surgeon will know what you are already taking. Also, inform your surgeon of your allergic reactions; let your surgeon know whether it’s a significant or minor allergy.


The pre-op appointment is your last chance to ensure that you and your plastic surgeon are on the same page. We understand that surgery can be stressful. Let your surgeon and team know if you have any questions about the procedure! They´ll be happy to address your concerns and help put your mind at ease.

Wish Pictures

Although wish pictures lend a frame of reference to your surgeon about your goals better than words can describe, it is essential to understand that your surgeon cannot copy and paste those results onto your body. Understand that your surgeon will give you the best results for your body ensuring they put your safety first and your concerns about your desired transformation. Remember, no two patients are precisely alike, and you may be shorter, taller, skinny, or slightly different from your chosen picture.

However, a wish picture can help ensure that you and your plastic surgeon speak the same language. You may be expressing that you´re looking for a natural BBL; however, your wish picture indicates that you want a Vixen BBL. Having a visual may help your surgeon better understand your desired body goals. Rest assured; your surgeon will hear and value your concerns.

Support System

It is ok to bring your support system (husband, mom, sister, or friend) with you at your scheduled pre-operative consultation. You will need all the love and support before, during, and after your procedure.

Pre-op appointments are essential in preparing you and your healthcare team for the upcoming plastic surgery. Remember to stay well-informed before and after the surgery by discussing any potential risks and understanding what is required during your body transformation journey.

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