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Plastic Surgery and Beyond

Let’s dive in and discover what lies beneath the surface when exploring potentially life-changing leaps with plastic surgery!

Plastic Surgery Myths Busted!

Have you been considering plastic surgery and heard some things that have made you wary? Not sure which information is accurate and which are myths? Fear not! We want to set the record straight, so sit back and prepare your questions as we bust eight myths about Plastic Surgery that you probably still believe.

1: You get off the operating table completely snatched. #Busted

This myth is busted because plastic surgery requires three critical factors: the surgeon, the patient, and time. Surgeons will do the best your body can but cannot remove or inject more fat than your body allows. Nor can your surgeon speed up the healing time it takes. You will also have to create a healthy post-operative lifestyle by wearing your faja, eating healthy, and working out. Yes, some dolls have excellent skin elasticity and shape, and you can see their results immediately, and there are other dolls whose results come in within 6-12 months.

2: Your BMI does not matter. #Busted

This myth is busted because plastic surgery is elective, and patients should be ideal candidates. A patient with underlying health conditions and a high BMI may not be a good candidate. Although BMI is not the only factor plastic surgeons use to screen candidates, it is one of them. Patients with a high BMI may not get the desired results on procedures like Brazilian Butt Lifts and Tummy Tucks , as these are body contouring and not weight loss procedures. Patients should be as close to their postop weight as possible, and post-operative weight loss may affect your results. 

3: Liposuction will help me lose weight.#Busted

This myth is busted because Liposuction is designed to remove isolated areas of stubborn fat that will not go away through traditional forms of diet and exercise. It will not remove cellulite either: cellulite is a skin condition that is caused by fat, trapped toxins , and poor skin elasticity.

4: You can get the same results if you purchase a gym membership. #Busted

This myth is busted because diet and exercise cannot always deliver the same results as plastic surgery. Many patients that undergo plastic surgery have often tried dieting and exercising before surgery. Patients that want to change an area for cosmetic reasons may not achieve those results in the gyms. For example, improving loose skin from weight loss can only be achieved through plastic surgery. After having surgery, we encourage all patients to pay attention to their nutrition and physical activity.

5: I will be a round one and done. #Busted 

This myth is busted because results are not guaranteed. Patients may opt for smaller implants and later realize they want to increase the size. Or patients may choose to go natural in their first BBL because of their culture or jobs, only to find out they want a bigger butt. The truth is that once you become a surgery consumer, welcome to the club!

6: The fluff fairy has not visited me yet. #Busted

This myth is busted because the fluffing of your butt is simply a part of the healing process. During this time, patients report their butt going from firm to soft. If patients measure their butt from day one post-operative until three months (when they noted a more delicate butt), they can lose up to 30% of injected fat after swelling, which equates to 1 to 2 inches. The harvested fat settles and softens with time.

7: Scars will be very noticeable. #Busted 

This myth is busted because, although all surgical procedures leave some kind of scar, plastic surgeons are experts at hiding scars within the natural contours of the skin so that they are almost imperceptible.

8: If you undergo a breast augmentation, you will not be able to breast feed. #Busted 

This myth is busted because your plastic surgeon places your implants between your chest wall, which does not impact your breast duct or mammary glands. However, there is a potential that women who have undergone breast surgery may have the nerve and breast ducts affected if the devices are below the breast muscle. There is a possibility this can impact lactation in later pregnancies. However, some women have difficulty breastfeeding without breast implants as well.

Now that we’ve busted some of the most common plastic surgery myths, you can feel more confident about researching procedures and deciding if they’re appropriate for you. If you have any other questions or would like to learn more, our team is always here to help. Give us a call or schedule a consultation today. We’ll be happy to chat with you about your unique goals and how we can help you achieve them.

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