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305 Plastic Surgery follows the Covid-19 CDC guidelines to protect all the personnel in the facility. Only patients with a Covid-19 negative test result are allowed to go into surgery or get in contact with the surgeons.

The patients undergo screening on the pre-operative day, followed by another one on the surgery day.

It is recommended that the patients constantly check their temperature and watch out for any signs of respiratory illness, including fever, coughs, or shortness of breath. Patients with any symptoms must get a covid test and practice social distance. Also, contacting 305 Plastic Surgery is recommended to make sure there is availability for rescheduling if necessary.

305 Plastic Surgery does not perform any procedure on someone with symptoms related to Covid-19.

It is mandatory to wear a mask on our premises.

When a patient in the clinic starts feeling unwell, has a fever, cough, or shortness of breath, we would ask them to check with their primary doctor as soon as possible and get a Covid-19 test. The patient’s surgery supervisor would follow up with them afterward by phone to reschedule the surgery.

305 Plastic Surgery works to provide our patients a great experience at our clinic for their body transformation. At the same time, we want to prevent the spread of the coronavirus so the staff and patients continue to be healthy.


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