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The BBL is more than just buttocks reshaping because it is body reshaping.

Have you been dreaming

of that perfectly curvy booty?

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a procedure that not only enhances but also lifts, and reshapes the butt by using fat from other areas of the client’s body. The BBL procedure can be performed on both women and men. It has become increasingly popular due to its flexibility in shaping and naturally enhancing the body’s contours.

Brazilian Butt Lift uses liposuction to remove the fat from unwanted areas like hips, back, thighs, and stomach, which are then transferred to the buttocks area, creating a new beautiful curvy shape. The client’s hips, lower back, or thighs can also be made more shapely with this surgery!

Brazilian butt lifts are a game-changer for those who want to improve their body. The Brazilian Butt Lift Improves curves and proportions of the whole body by balancing out fat distribution, which results in an aesthetically pleasing figure!

Best Miami Brazilian Butt Lifts are performed in 305 Plastic Surgery.



Our plastic surgeons will consult with you and let you know about the best preparations to take before the procedure, so make sure you are honest with them about the medications
or supplements you are currently taking.

Keep in mind that you should be resting, eating right, and drinking lots of water to ensure
you are in proper condition
for the procedure.



On the day of the surgery, our team will be with you every step of the way to make sure you are as relaxed as possible. You will be taken to a pre-operative room to change and meet with your doctor to go over any final details.

Rest assured, we will complete the procedure with the utmost precision and will have you looking your best in no time.


Recovery times can vary from one patient to another, and during the process, you should avoid any
excessively strenuous activities.

Plan conservatively when taking time off from work so that your recovery is not rushed, and do your best to stay rested and relaxed. Furthermore, we will stay in touch with you to ensure your recovery goes as smoothly as possible.



The Patient Coordinator will be guiding and instructing the patient before the surgery. It’s important to have fluid communication related to health conditions and the patient’s surgery expectations between both parts. Following a healthy diet and a proper hydration routine will help the patient’s body better shape for the surgical procedure. Patients have to make sure to update in advance their Patient Coordinator if a surgery date needs to be changed, no matter the reason.



On the surgery day, the surgical team will be with the patient every step of the way. The patient will be taken to a pre-operative room to meet the surgeon to discuss any final details. Once done with the surgeon, the nurse will get the patient ready for surgery and drive the patient to the operating room, where the surgeon and the surgical team will be waiting with adequate setup.


Recovery times vary from one patient to another. The patients must avoid any strenuous activities during recovery. The clinic staff will contact the patient to check progress and schedule the post-op appointments. The patient must follow all the surgeon’s instructions for the post-op care, including nutrition, hydration, and physical activities.


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Dr. Salas is an award-winning board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in all aspects of the face and body. He is especially known for his “mommy makeovers”. Dr. Salas is also recognized as one of Top 10 Plastic Surgeons for Patient Satisfaction by The American Institute of Plastic Surgeons.
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