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Breast Augmentations Are Now Helping Stretchmarks!

September 08, 2021

Hiding Stretch Marks With Plastic Surgery

We know we know! Breast augmentation and stretch mark removal aren’t usually in the same sentence. Usually because these scars are due to stretched skin. Making people believe that they are caused by plastic surgery.

For a long time now, women have tried different ways to get around these appearing marks. So using creams, oils, or serums is quite common. But, this has flooded the market with magical skin products that “will make your scars go away.”

Yet, the truth is that if you have them, then you are predisposed to stretch marks. These appear depending on your DNA, hormones, and how quickly the skin change occurred.

So in reality, there are few ways to hide and lighten your stretchmarks. But if you have these scars already, a breast augmentation can now help!

Breast Augmentation With Stretch Marks From Before

During post-pregnancy situations, or for the dolls who have lost a lot of weight… your solution is here. Due to the inflating and deflating of the breasts, they can often sag and grow more stretch marks than ever.

Fortunately, a quality breast augmentation can fill up the skin enough to reduce them… Although, this can only work within certain boundaries, and won’t make your marks GO AWAY. But, with a new and filled bosom, the stretch marks will be significantly smaller than before.

It is important to note that this will not always be the case though. There are a couple procedures in which only preventive care can help. These include:

  • B to D Cup Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Implants for Congenital Asymmetry
  • Wide Set Breast Augmentation

Remember to always consult your surgeon about surgery details. And make sure that you are eligible for the right surgery, if reducing stretch marks is your goal.

Getting Rid of Scars Pre & Post Op

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Preventing stretch marks is always the best way to avoid dealing with them. Whether it’s due to natural growth, or a sudden life change… many women struggle to hide these pesky little scars. So here are a few tips to help rid you of stretch marks, both before and after a plastic surgery.

To prevent stretch marks before a plastic surgery, it is important to know what your body needs. It starts with hydration, consumption of vitamin C and nutrient-rich foods, and taking in some sun.

When you have already had a procedure, smooth out stretch marks by treating them right away! Never let a scar sit on your skin for too long without trying to attack it. There are many different creams and gels that can help, and Aloe Vera is a must-have component in all.

But we have our own secret when it comes to stretch marks, and it’s to lock in moisture on your skin. First, wet the area where you may grow (or are already growing) stretch marks. Then, without drying the area, apply Coconut or Argan oil. These ingredients will lock in the water, and help your skin grow elasticity.

So now you know about the different routes to take in the battle against stretch marks. But best of all, you’ve learned something new… that it might just be time for a breast augmentation!

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