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The Truth About Plastic Surgery Prices

November 23, 2021

We completely understand. You are likely typing your time away, looking for a price list that can show you complete surgery prices. It’s common, after all, you must know how much money to save up or put down.

Most of us have done it. But, the truth is that the cost of any surgery depends on the specific plastic surgery procedures. The person themselves, the doctor, and your wardrobe.

Yes! we said it. If your body changes, so does your closet, so it’s important to keep this in mind when building a budget. This is not discussed enough, but we will address it right now… so that you can prepare for the TOTAL price of plastic surgery.

Importance of Post Surgery Garments

Surgical garments are not just fashionable upsells after undergoing a procedure. Board certified plastic surgeons will let you know about the importance of compression.

Depending on your surgery prices, plus the quality of your garment, expect to spend about $300USD more. Compression wear can range from $100USD to $200USD.

You will need several of these garments, as the healing process requires time. At first, the girdles have to cover most of your body, and help with swelling while molding your figure. You can then move on to using the lighter ones, these are often called “Stage 2.”

woman in post surgery garment

Plastic Surgery Cost, Plain & Simple

Again, there is a huge price range that covers the overall spending of cosmetic surgery. A procedure price is different depending on where you’re getting it, and how many you are getting.

  • A single procedure has an average cost of 5,000 USD.
  • Multiple procedures, such as a Mommy Makeover, have average costs of 15,000 USD.

You must keep in mind that these are median prices. Many surgeries can cost less or more, depending on anesthesia and medical intricacies. It is always good to keep in mind that “you get what you pay for.” So never settle for less, if the price seems too good to be true, it might be. No matter what, remember that surgical procedures are to be practiced by seasoned professionals only.

Breast Lift Price Includes New Bras!

Depending on the specifics of your surgery, you are going to need new clothes. All breast augmentations must come with new apparel! Our price estimates are average… So let’s say you are spending $5,000 USD, please add another $500.00 in a shopping spree.

If you undergo simple cosmetic procedures this may not be a necessity. But when you alter your body with a BBL or Liposuction, it’s important to budget in the extra costs.

New shirts, new pants, new dresses, new underwear. The simple equation of new body = new clothes should help you remember this. Add it to your monthly payments if you must, but keep in mind, this is not just medical… cosmetic changes are for your aesthetic and fashion statements, for your confidence.

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