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You can have a life-changing procedure!

Financing a surgery is a wise decision. There are options for every credit status if you want help with your finances!

305 Plastic Surgery offers two ways of financing: in-house financing and third-party financing.

With the in-house financing options, the patient pays a deposit and then will have access to a fixed monthly fee up to 24 months until the entire price balance is completed before the surgery.

On the other hand, 305 Plastic Surgery works with Care Credit, Alphaeon, and United Medical Credit. Patients can apply through their means or the clinic, and if a patient’s card is approved, they can pay during the pre-op day.

For completing the payment on a pre-op day, the patient’s ID must be required. Also, the patient has to make sure to bring the card with the one the patient is paying with.

Financing options may be subject to change and depend on patient qualification. If another cardholder makes the payment, must also be present on the day of pre-op with a valid ID.

Get in contact with 305 Plastic Surgery today to discuss your options to start planning your surgery. We will help you through the entire process.


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