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Financing a Plastic Surgery With Bad Credit?

June 15, 2021

Plastic Surgery Financing With Bad Credit? What You Must Know!

So here we are, excited and ready… After all the medical and pricing research there is one more thing on the checklist. How to pay? Often enough, plastic surgery financing companies will help you, in order to help ease the monthly payments of a plastic surgery procedure.

However, even if you find the Medical Credit company of your dreams, having bad credit is a block on the road, no matter if you hear otherwise.

Yes you may be able to find a place that will accommodate your needs, but it is always best to consider bumping up your score before applying, and here is why.

Can You Finance Plastic Surgery With No Credit Check?

Pre-qualifications or soft credit checks are common practices that will let you know if you can finance plastic surgery without hurting your own credit. However, this doesn’t mean that there will be no credit check in a company’s decision to give you a loan.

In order to be fully approved into a financing program, your credit is reviewed by professionals through a process that does affect your credit. So take out your calculator and do some math!

Can your credit take the impact? Or should you add more points before running a risk of hurting your credit and being denied? If your score is not average or above, we suggest you continue to work diligently on your credit. Doing this will assure that you suffer no losses from a simple credit check.

Plastic Surgery Financing Companies

approved plastic surgery financing
There are hundreds of options online when it comes to finding medical credit. For plastic surgery though, it is not as common, especially if you know what surgeon you want to work with already.

If you want to find in house financing for plastic surgery in Florida, your best options come down to United Medical Credit and Alphaeon Credit.

It is not important to find “financing near me” when you know you’ve found a trusted company that can make direct payments to your doctor.
These establishments offer pre-qualification with no impact to your credit. And if accepted, the monthly card payments can actually help raise your credit score.

But before you jump right in and things start to turn south, here are some things you need in order to qualify for plastic surgery credit:

  • Have a Legal SSN or SIN
  • Must Be of Legal Age in Your State of Residence
  • Have a Valid Government Issued ID


Get Guaranteed Financing. Here’s How!

If you want your plastic surgery financing to be guaranteed, it is important to think about the possible repercussions that can come from applying with bad credit.

Get up to date with smaller payments first, this can help when your case is being reviewed, as your overall debt will be lower. An average score can get you significantly better rates of interest than a poor score.

Also, try to keep unused available credit, catch up on some overdue bills, and ask someone with good credit to add you as an authorized user!

Follow these tips for about 2 months, and experience smooth plastic surgery financing, for up to $30,000 USD!

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